Our History

Since the days when the Iroquois Confederacy held their counsels by the shores of Lake Moraine, the great white eagle has always been a sign of strength, prosperity, and cooperation. The great Native American chief Sadakanahtie, or “White Eagle,” whose likeness adorns the halls of the conference center, presided over all fires; bringing new life to the tribes and taking them to new heights of prominence.

It is from this great American legend, and the early American traditions of the area, that the White Eagle Banquet & Conference Center derives its name. In 1955, the American Management Association (AMA) opened the lodge in Hamilton, NY with the white eagle as its official symbol. It is believed that the many strong characteristics that have made the eagle honored and respected all over the world give universal meaning to it as a symbol. Because the white eagle exemplifies all of the finer qualities found in the avian family, he stands, in all his regal splendor, for the spirit of AMA.

The White Eagle was owned by the AMA Corporation until 1992 when Kerry Beadle and Andy Mason became owners. They remained owners until 2002.

Today, the White Eagle Banquet & Conference Center is still situated on the  acres adjacent to Lake Moraine in southern Madison County. The current owner, Tammy Wendt strives to maintain retreat nature of the facility providing a relaxing atmosphere in which reflection, creativity, open communication, and teamwork are always encouraged.

The central location of our family-owned center is easily accessible from Syracuse (60 minutes), Utica (45 minutes) and Binghamton (90 minutes); allowing guests to spend their time involved in the activities of their meetings, not the rigors of travel.